Learn how too can be part of building the West End!

WECNA is the governing council of the four neighborhood associations in the West End community of New Iberia. The 600-acre West End is divided into four district neighborhoods; Livingston, Johnston, Pierson, and Armentor.


The council's purpose is to educate and provide information to faith-based/community-based organizations, local businesses, and community residents about the West End and how we can all work together to make our community a better place to live, work, and grow.


Council projects include, but are not limited to; improving and revitalizing the community through:

  • Beatification efforts

  • Youth and education initiatives

  • Community Gardens

  •  Improving landlord-tenant relations

  • Home repair

  • Neighborhood watch meetings

  • Job preparation and placement services

Community leasers serving on the West End Council of Neighborhood Associations (WECNA) are consistently working to improve the quality of life for our West End neighbors.