Shot Street in New Iberia to undergo much needed face lift

The Mixon Quarters Homes unsafe conditions has been a major concern and priority early in WECNA work of making the community a better place to live and grow. Also, speaking on the issue was Nursey Ozenne Mcneal who is the Iberia Parish School Board Representative of the West End District. Mrs Nursey spoke about the safety concerns of the homes directly across from Anderson Middle School. WECNA moved on the belief and knowledge that the ordinances that were already on and is on the City books and Property Standard needed to be enforced and applied to property owners equally across the board in order to begin true revitalization. We felt that until these homes would be removed, no true real efforts of revitalization would take place. We could have allowed other influences to block efforts or we could bring the issue to the forefront. We also felt and expressed that these houses attracts crime and has become a health and safety issue within the community. Thanks to City Councilman Marlon Lewis for speaking out and pushing the issue forward on behalf of the citizens of District 2 and the City of New Iberia. We also want to thank the City of New Iberia City Council for making this necessary decision to move forward with progress. When citizens become engaged, SMALL STEPS CREATE CHANGE. Let's talk about something good.